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Our magazine is a publication of South Jersey Tournaments, Cape May, New Jersey. Included in the magazine are complete details of the South Jersey Tournaments Series, dates, entry forms, individual tournament rules and contact information. We also include the most recent edition of the IGFA rule book and suggest it be kept on board. Know the rules! In addition we include a schedule and contact information for all offshore tournaments from Montauk, NY To Cape May, NJ as were available at time of publication. If your club or organization has an upcoming event not included, please contact us so we can update to this site and our bi-monthly newsletter, launching this summer.

Along with tournament information, our magazine contains articles of interest to the sportfishing community along with a bit of local flavor for visitors to our home port of Cape May.

If you have a business and wish to get your message to a highly qualified end user, please reach out to us in the contact area for campaign information in our magazine, newsletter, and tournament sponsorships. On The Rip is mailed to approximately 5,000 of our Big Game anglers, marina(s) and past and present yacht sales customers and anyone else who enters our annual events. Another 5,000 copies are distributed at tournaments throughout the Mid Atlantic and North East regions. We also distribute at trade shows, tackle shops, and offshore fishing clubs throughout the Mid Atlantic and North East regions.